The LegalChatNow! Advantage

lcn1Advantages For Potential Clients
Today’s clients are looking for instantaneous information.  When they need help from a lawyer, they want it now.  Today’s clients have shorter attention spans and will be amazed that they are actually speaking with an attorney.  They also appreciate the fact that an attorney has taken the time to speak with them directly when they need help.
Advantages For Law Firms
An attorney can “watch” the text communication between the automated assistant and the potential client.  If the attorney recognizes an opportunity, they can interject and communicate directly with the client.   The attorney can be anywhere in the world and still connect with potential clients.  The attorney’s contact information (mobile number/IM profile) is kept private.  The service can be managed by an attorney or staff member or it is monitored by the automated assistant – 24/7 contact with potential clients.
Secure the Client
Increased interaction with potential clients means the job of securing a client for the firm falls in the hands of the business owner, the attorney.