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The Pros and Cons of Lawsuit Settlement Loans

Lawsuit settlement loans, also known as pre-settlement loans or lawsuit funding, have become a popular option for plaintiffs seeking financial support during a legal battle. These loans are often marketed as a way to ease the financial burden of a lawsuit, providing plaintiffs with quick access to cash without any upfront costs. However, the controversy […]

Chantix Voluntary Recall

Chantix has been the go-to drug for 15 years for people finally trying to end their cigarette addiction. The Pfizer drug is taken for up to 24 weeks and works by blocking receptors in the brain that make the smoker associate nicotine with pleasure. Eventually, the smoker feels less of an urge to smoke, and […]

P & G Personal Care Products Sued Over Benzene

Procter & Gamble is the latest major company involved in a recall of its products over the chemical benzene. In all, the company is recalling aerosol dry shampoo and conditioners from six of its brands. P&G is just the latest company to find benzene, classified as a human carcinogen, in its products. The Products The […]

Mesh Docs Held Liable

Before the first pelvic mesh case went to trial, the plaintiff’s lawyers had a question to answer. Would the implanting physician be held liable for medical malpractice alongside the manufacturer for making a defective product? You would then have a defective product and medical malpractice case to try simultaneously. But that created a problem. Then […]

Should Your Injury Lawyer Have Trial Experience?

You were recently injured in an accident, and now you’re wondering where you can turn for help. Thankfully, a personal injury lawyer can represent you in your time of need and get you the settlement you deserve. The only thing is that you aren’t sure what to look for in an injury lawyer. For instance, […]

Evidence Needed to Prove Your Right to Compensation After a Car Accident

After you get into a car accident, you’re understandably disoriented, especially if you got injured. However, unless your injuries are so serious that you need medical attention right away, you should stick around the scene of the accident to collect evidence that it was not your fault. Then, you’ll have a much better chance of […]

The Ins and Outs of Legally Adopting an Older Child

When a family is looking to adopt a child, they may start with looking for mothers who are about to give birth. Then, they can raise a child from the time it’s born. However, others would rather adopt an older child. Perhaps they believe there is more of a need to adopt an older child […]

Obtaining Social Security Benefits After a Denial

You applied for Social Security disability benefits, submitted all of your documentation, and have now received the dreaded denial letter in the mail. The first step: don’t panic. Well over half of SSDI applications are initially rejected, so a denial does not mean that you don’t qualify for benefits. In fact, a denial often means […]

When Is the Right Time to Hire a Social Security Disability Lawyer

When you apply for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI), chances are your application is going to get denied. An average of 63% of disability claims are denied, and only 2% and 9% are approved at the reconsideration and hearing levels. While this may sound discouraging, there is a solution: hire […]