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Will SSDI Recipients Get a Stimulus Check for COVID-19 Relief?

The federal coronavirus relief package came together so quickly that many Americans are left with lingering questions. The $2 trillion package largely benefits corporations and small businesses but does have some relief for citizens and residents. The aid package allows for a one-time payment of $1200 to single taxpayers, $2400 to married taxpayers, and $500 […]

What Rights do Alabama Tenants have to Avoid Eviction After COVID-19?

Alabama Governor Kay Ivey has signed a moratorium on the final step associated with all evictions. In the order, it is stated that “All state, county, and local law enforcement officers are hereby directed to cease enforcement of any order that would result in the displacement of a person from his or her place of […]

West Virginia Product Liability Laws

Roughly 30,000 new products hit the American market every year, and the vast majority of those products never cause injury or illness. However, those that do tend to leave significant destruction in their wake. Products that are marketed irresponsibly, designed poorly, or otherwise unsafe can leave victims with tens of thousands of dollars in medical […]

How Will COVID-19 Impact Wages and Salaries?

Employees face a heavy burden with the COVID-19 pandemic. A business owner may be anxious to keep their operation afloat during the economic crisis. At the same time, an employee may be completely dependent on the income from their job to support their families and themselves. The primary federal law that governs employee wages is […]

Following Alabama Parenting Agreements During a Summer with COVID-19

People are always excited about the summer season, which usually offers more opportunities for the family to spend time together. Families utilize this time to plan vacations, and children can enjoy outdoor activities with their friends. For couples who are separated and have kids in common, this is often a time to plan and create […]

Can My Personal Injury Settlement Be Garnished?

Personal injury victims collect their settlements and claims when they are in a host of unique circumstances. At the time they receive their settlement, they may have outstanding liabilities or loans, for example. These kinds of additional auxiliary obligations can be a burden on your shoulders as you try to move ahead with your life. […]

What Happens During an Alabama DUI Arrest?

You leave a restaurant or bar in Alabama and get into your vehicle. Maybe you feel a little tipsy, but you’re sure it’s nothing you can’t handle. The next thing you know, there are red and blue lights behind you, accompanied by a sinking feeling in your stomach. Being arrested for a DUI can be […]

Is Law School Worth It?

It is well-known that law school requires a major commitment both in terms of time and money. If you go full-time, you will be giving up three years of your life to study law and do little else besides eating and sleeping. In fact, most law schools do not allow full-time students to work more […]

Boating Accidents in Virginia

In the summer months, recreational boating can offer a fun and enjoyable activity for the entire family. The sport can provide many lasting memories when undertaken wisely. Sadly, a serious boating accident can occur even with a moment of carelessness or recklessness. Under Virginia state law, the vessel operator must report the accident with the […]