Client Testimonials

I have been a criminal paralegal for 8 years and quick communication with a potential client is essential. LegalChatNow has made it lightning fast for myself and our attorneys to immediately consult with a potential client anywhere and anytime.

Potential clients are normally in panic mode after they or someone close to them have been arrested and want reassurance quickly that their rights and interests are protected. If they are unable to speak with an attorney that they called, they normally will try the next one in the phone book.

Attorneys do not need to have amazing win records in order to obtain a steady flow of new clientele, what they do need is availability and quick. The response time of LegalChatNow verus the common call back time has helped increase our new client and retainer revenue by leaps and bounds. The idea of actual chatting “now” with an attorney from a seat on a bench in the courthouse and his immediate response of, “ I am in the courthouse now, I will meet with you shortly.” is a game changer in the ever growing field of Lawyers and the battle for clients.

The best thing is that this was so simple. No set up costs, no special software, you stay in control of how you want to question your potential clients, and no CONTRACT. Our firm was happy to know that it basically runs itself. No need for a Tech guy or computer wizard to run it. All we did was give them our phone numbers and it was simple as a link to cut and paste on our website. All the text conversations come straight to our phones and anyone of use can initiate or jump in the conversation.

The best thing I can say in the end about LegalChatNow is that it is simple, low cost, fast and effective in building communication and clientele within a law firm and is almost essential to have in the cyber age we live in today.

— Leslie Chandler, Paralegal