Engage New Clients

Chat with your clientsWith LegalChatNow! you are able to a create trust between you and your potential clients. You can engage with them immediately and go from potential clients to actual clients within minutes. They feel secure and connected just like they were sitting in your office.
  • Chat with a potential client anywhere, in real time, using your mobile device, without disclosing your cell phone number.
  • Experience safe and secure communication between you and your potential client.
  • Our service utilizes simple, easy to use technology – SMS texting – the same technology you use to text with spouse, kids or golfing buddy. No additional software is needed.
  • A live chat service can increase website’s conversion rates by as much as 50%.
  • Have the best of both worlds.  A website visitor can interact with your firm through customized intake questions, while you, or other members of your firm, watch the conversation on mobile phones OR you can engage and speak directly with the potential client.  24 hours a day, seven days a week, a potential client can always link/interact with your firm.  A lead source working for your firm all day, every day.
  • Our service is the only live chat service designed specifically for the legal marketplace.
  • Potential clients can connect with up to four members of your firm.
  • Set up is quick and easy. Just copy and paste a few lines of code to your website and you are up and running.
  • Simple, flat rate billing. No surprises. No set up fee.