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What Makes Us Different

1. We take a live chat, convert it to text and send it to your mobile device, anywhere you may be
2. Gather valuable information with your firm’s or agencies approved intake questions
3. Evaluate an opportunities potential before engaging with a website visitor
4. Chat with potential clients/website visitors without revealing your mobile number
5. Have multiple members of your firm or office review the Q&A as it happens
6. Collect important information from website visitors 24/7, even if you never engage through the chat
7. Use ChatNow! on your website, blog, social media profiles, property listings
8. Create QR codes with our customized hyperlinks, that allow for chats from monthly newsletters, flyers, signs and business cards

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  • I have been a criminal paralegal for 8 years and quick communication with a potential client is essential. LegalChatNow has made it lightning fast for me and our attorneys to immediately consult with a potential client anywhere and anytime.

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Easy integration on multiple websites

At LegalChatNow! and RealtyChatNow!, we make it easy and convenient for you to use our chat boxes on as many websites, Facebook pages and/or blogs as you would like. Just copy and paste the link we provide you on the pages you like and you’re in business! You can also create a QR Code to be used on your brochures, yard signs, monthly newsletters and business cards. Just think about it, a chat that is set up by printed material. No one else is making it this easy for you to generate leads for your business. It’s as easy as money in the bank.


Talking to your website visitors

A new way to engage potential clients

With LegalChatNow! and realtyChatNow!, you are able to create trust between you and your potential clients. When you interact with them, you create the kind of relationship that can set you apart from your competitors and set yourself up at as their trusted advisor . They feel secure and connected as they would if they were sitting in your office.  Find out more here…