Following Alabama Parenting Agreements During a Summer with COVID-19

Following Alabama Parenting Agreements During a Summer with COVID-19

People are always excited about the summer season, which usually offers more opportunities for the family to spend time together. Families utilize this time to plan vacations, and children can enjoy outdoor activities with their friends. For couples who are separated and have kids in common, this is often a time to plan and create a mutually agreeable parenting schedule.

However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, things are different for the summer of 2020 with self-quarantine, self-distancing, and lockdown measures. Consequently, several families are finding it challenging to co-parent while ensuring that their family remains safe. The summer may present unique challenges, but it is still possible for you and your kids to enjoy your time together in Alabama.

Be Cooperative and Accommodating

At present, couples in Alabama face a difficult situation in co-parenting due to the outbreak. Still, parenting access schedules and child custody orders have been and remain enforced throughout the state.

Most parents want to follow custody orders, but they also have concerns for their children’s and their own health, if not properly following the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC’s) guidelines for social distancing.

While both parents may seek equal or more time with their kids during summer, it is crucial to remain cooperative and accommodating. Parents should work in tandem with each other to make decisions that prioritize their child’s safety as well as their own health. To manage this unprecedented period, it is necessary to establish temporary arrangements.

Talk to Children

It is vital to communicate with your children during this unusual time. They likely want to hang out with their friends outside or visit their other parent and do not comprehend why they aren’t able to do so. You must communicate the reasons why this summer is different and offer alternatives to things that they want to do but cannot because of the circumstances.

If you have the primary custody of the child, ensure that the child remains in contact with the other parent as well. You can ask them to draw pictures, write letters, video chat, or speak over the phone.

These situations can be understandably sensitive and frustrating. However, fighting or arguing at this time will not do any good. It is best to consult an experienced child custody lawyer if you need help with a parenting plan. A qualified lawyer can recommend a practical recommendation for your unique circumstances.

Use your Creativity

Children are excited about the summer break all year. Their schedule might be limited in the summer of 2020, but there are still many enjoyable activities available to them within your home in Alabama.

Present your children with some creative recreational options. You may consider taking your kids for walks for outdoor activities, letting them ride their bicycles, and even setting up an overnight campground in your own backyard.

Technology has, fortunately, been a critical component in maintaining relationships during social distancing and lockdowns. Your child may be missing their friends, and you can have them video chat and play online games with their friends using an iPad, a computer, or another electronic device.

New developments in COVID-19 news happen every day. Therefore, ensure that you remain updated as businesses open their doors and other activities restart in Alabama.

Prioritizing Safety and Health

In these uncertain times, most parents just want to ensure their child’s safety and health during this challenging period. Noncustodial parents will likely have valid concerns regarding their child’s safety and health in the backdrop on the coronavirus outbreak. They may question the custodial parent’s commitment to maintaining social distancing, following hygiene measures, and ensuring the safety of the child.

In these times, the noncustodial parent’s lack of control becomes a serious issue. The custodial parent must continually reassure the other parent that the best interests of the child are of their utmost concern at all times.

Increase Digital Communication

Any Alabama family law attorney would recommend that co-parents adapt to the new temporary situation and remain flexible. They should set up virtual meetings on Skype, Zoom, and FaceTime. This can help the noncustodial parent remain in touch with the child as well as offer the child a chance to interact with the other parent during this stressful time.

In case the custodial parent is a medical care worker and is going through increased work pressure while being exposed to greater risks of infection, they might consider allowing their child to be in the care of the other parent until the circumstances improve.

Legal Assistance for Child Custody Determination

Various factors must be weighed individually and together to determine child custody and visitation rights during divorce proceedings in Alabama. During times like these, it makes sense to get in touch with an experienced family law attorney to guide you through this process.

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